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Pregnancy: things they don’t tell you about the first trimester

There is no doubt that pregnancy is a magical time, and I’m sure every mother feels so blessed and honoured to be able to grow a new life. But its not without its struggles – some of which I honestly didn’t know about until I was in this situation!

Constant nausea

So I’m sure everyone knows about morning sickness, but I was not prepared for the reality of what this would actually be like. First of all, it is not very accurately named: it doesn’t happen in the morning, and its not just about the sickness!

Every pregnancy will mean different levels of morning sickness, varying from very mild to very severe. But even for those somewhere in the middle it can be a completely awful experience. I went through almost 2 months of constant, daily, nauseous feeling. Actually being sick didn’t happen very often, but I think during that period the only time I didn’t feel sick was when I was sleeping. And even then, as soon as I woke up I would feel nauseous!


This is where the first trimester side effects start to get really un-glamorous! For some reason, going through the first trimester of pregnancy made me start constantly burping. I have no idea where it came from, or how to stop the symptoms, but I can happily report that this eased once I reached the second trimester.


Yet another delightful pregnancy symptom, and something I would have never previously have discussed with my husband! But its a fact of life, and thankfully for this there were things I could do to try and get things moving. Lots of water and prune juice were my best friend.

Extreme tiredness

Thankfully this is again another temporary symptom, and I am happy to report that energy levels returned to normal at the start of the second trimester. However, the first few weeks were so exhausting – I would find that I couldn’t keep my eyes open after 8:30pm, and this was even after an afternoon nap. It makes sense why you are so tired – the first trimester is when your body is building so much of the new baby (the brain, the organs, etc), but it can feel really debilitating, especially on top of all the other symptoms.

Becoming forgetful

Probably because the body is in overdrive creating a new life, and maybe the constant exhaustion, but in the first trimester I started to experience “baby brain” for the first time. As Elliot will attest, I would lose my train of thought midway through conversations and forget conversations that we had, even just moments before. It did make focusing at work particularly difficult, especially as I was also spending most of the day trying not to throw up, but thankfully it


This is something that I was aware of, as I think everyone is very much aware that you cant tell many people to begin with, especially for the first 12 weeks. But the reality of this is that the first trimester can be such a lonely time. You want to tell friends, family, but instead you have to keep this massive secret. I just remember people asking me what I’d been up to that week and responding “oh, not much”, when in reality I’d been spending all my days just trying to not throw up.

If you find yourself in this joyful but difficult time, hopefully this post will help reassure you that it will pass, and that you aren’t alone in going through this difficult time. With a bit of luck there will be something worth it at the end of the journey!

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