The Pair Shaped Team

We are so alike, and yet so different.

I like rock and hip hop.. she doesn’t. I like savoury, and she likes sweet. And so on.

However, at our core we share the same values and views on the bigger issues.

We started Pair Shaped shortly after getting married because we realised that there was A LOT to married life that we hadn’t been prepared for, even after so many years together.

After 7 years of being together before we got married, we realised that you simply just couldn’t be:

…that life keeps on throwing those curve balls, and there are many situations that we just couldn’t have been prepared for.

Elliot @ PS

Elliot is a seasoned career professional with over 10 years’ finance experience working in one of the most intensive finance fields of investment banking.

He has specialised experience helping consumer brand companies develop their growth through organic and strategic initiatives. Alongside his own career, he has also developed several personal brands and alternative businesses.

Elliot is also a lifelong fitness practioner, running 18 minute 5ks and 3hr marathons, and has firsthand experience bodyshaping (weight loss, and weight/mass gain) through nutrition and weightlifting. He is also has firsthand experience with all the wonderful associated injuries that come with.

See more of Elliot’s profile at LinkedIn

Alex @ PS

Born and raised in the quiet Leicestershire countryside, Alex has been living in Central London for 9 years.

Alex completed a degree in Mathematics, and has since gone on to build an successful career within the Financial Services industry in Risk Management, which perhaps is the best reflection of her analytical, risk-adverse nature.

In addition to her day career, she spends her free time building a property development portfolio and experimenting with her cake baking business.

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