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Are you an introvert? Are you facing the same uphill battle as I am? Introverts are commonly misunderstood, and definitely undervalued. Famous introverts like Michael Jordan, Barack Obama, Albert Einstein and so much more… can’t be wrong. Watch out for the introverts – they might just change the world (right under your nose).

We are both competitive people – so we thought we’d try and see which one was better at ping pong. Turns out, we both kind of suck – although we’re both blaming it on the windy day!

We’re both so different, and yet it works. We’ve learned A LOT about how to deal with each other’s differences … just remember, it isn’t personal, it’s who we are at the core.

We tried it… watch Elliot get more and more flustered.

Alex has suffered from rosacea acne for many years. To the point where I wished I could take it away from her, just so she could be happy. I did tell her, at night, sometimes I’d pray to myself – I’d ask if I could take it away. We found one solution, luckily, that solved it all!

Another fun day out! This time with the family, and our sad attempts at punting!

So we made it one year! We celebrate our first anniversary with COVID restrictions in place – which means some creative celebrating. Also, it’s the “paper” anniversary – check out the amazing gifts we got each other!

I’ve seen it all – from terrible egos, big paychecks, and all nighters. Check out my top PROS & CONS of being an investment banker. I’m a nice, average guy… and I’m also a Vice President in M&A.

Boiling hot weather, restless nights, and the accompanying lack of sleep inspired this BLOW SOME STEAM video (but still love, baby!)

Often everyone talks about career changes from the perspective of the one going through it – but what about that person’s partner? A career change can have equal if not more impact on the partner as well. Here we go through our own experience and talk about effective strategies we used.

A quick vlog showing our Sunday visit to a foodie destination, Victoria Park Market on Sundays.

Kitchen renovations – renovations are not easy, no matter what. Here are our top tips we’ve gleaned from doing our kitchen recently.

Get to know us! We ask each other the same questions, without knowing the answers – and take a stroll down memory lane.

Career: Why you don’t always need a 5 year plan
Alex gives her personal views on how not having a 5 year plan has benefited her. Not meant for all people, but definitely a refreshing point of view from the usual career advice.
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